#WhatDoWeTellTheKids is a campaign series by STATE Bags that has brought attention to critical issues such as; Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ discrimination, eliminating the R word, and violence in Chicago

The latest #WhatDoWeTellTheKids campaign focuses on America's mass incarceration epidemic. STATE partnered with Echoes of Incarnation to start a conversation around the vital issue of mass incarceration; to support the kids and families caught in this cycle, and to spark the empathy and compassion needed to find solutions.

Echoes of Incarceration is an award-winning initiative driven by youth with incarcerated parents. Having partnered with Sesame Street, The White House, and others, the group explores the issue of mass incarceration and its effects on families, creating films and photography told from the life experiences of the creators themselves.

Sarah Epperson was honored to have the opportunity to illustrate members of the Echoes of Incarceration team for this incredible campaign. 

View the full project here.